Waiver & Policy


Tickets may be purchased via this website, in order to visit the Love Your Selfie Studio Inc.
Walk-ins limited due to bookings. NO REFUNDS but you can reschedule.
Your Conduct Whilst You and other Ticket holders are visiting the Selfie Studio, You and your guests must comply with all directions of our staff, relevant health and safety notices, policies and announcements made available to You.

Love Your Selfie Studio Inc, acting reasonably at all times, reserves the right to refuse admission to the Selfie Studio, ban from entry to the Selfie Studio, or remove from the Selfie Studio without any right to a refund any person whose presence or behavior may affect the enjoyment and/or safety of other guests or staff: or who acts in an inappropriate and/or undesirable manner whilst travelling to the Selfie Studio, where such behavior has been reported to the Staff; uses violent, aggressive, threatening, abusive, discriminatory or insulting words or behavior or in any way behaves in a manner which may provoke a breach of the peace; climbs or stands upon barriers, walls, roofs, exhibits or any other features at the Selfie Studio,


● No smoking, including e-cigarettes
● No pets or animals except for guide dogs, hearing dogs and registered assistance dogs;
● No offensive weapons;
● No access to any area of the Museums other than areas designated for access by Visitors;
● No use of illegal drugs or consumption of alcohol


A release of liability waiver is completed via purchase of each ticket.
Purchase of a ticket to Love Your Selfie Studio Inc automates completion of a waiver of liability.
Museum automates completion of a waiver of liability.
The information contained herein identifies the verbiage of said waiver.
Activity: Participation in Love Your Selfie Studio Inc
Participant: Name of Guest on Ticket
Waiver: I completely understand and realize participation in Love Your Selfie Studio Inc could include actions or tasks which might be hazardous to me.
By purchasing a ticket and attending, I agree to the fact that participation can cause harm or injury to me.
I release the organization or business named Love Your Selfie Studio Inc from all liability, costs, and damages which could arise from participation in the above named event or activity.

I agree to accept financial responsibility for the costs related to any subsequent.

Emergency treatment and give my confirmation by attending this event or activity.


From time to time we may carry out photography and/or other recording at the Museum and any images and/or recordings may feature visitors.

You consent to the use of such images and/or recordings by us in connection with advertising, promoting the Love Your Selfie Studio Inc (such as on the Selfie Studio website, social media sites and pages, partner sites, outdoor advertising and brochures for the Selfie Studio), and for our internal purposes, and in doing so, you allow us to edit, modify, publish and make available such images and/or recordings.

You acknowledge and agree that you will not receive compensation if we use such images and/or recordings for the purposes set out above.

If any visitors to the Selfie Museum are under 18, you, being the parent or legal guardian of such persons, also consent to the use of their image and/or recordings for the purposes set out above. You acknowledge that the copyright in such images and/or recordings rests with us and/or any authorized third party and accordingly you grant us and/or any authorized third party all rights in any images and/or recordings of you and/or your children.